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Need a mentor...possible trainer?

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    looking for a mentor that could help me.tired of losing chess to pops would like to learn how to play..strategy and techniques more than how pieces move..
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    I'm a qualified chess teacher that has been doing coaching for about a year. I'm USCF rated 1820 so I know my stuff, plenty of strategy and technique. I only charge $20 per hour lesson and I do my sessions over Skype and an interactive analysis board, message me if your interested. 

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    don't have money if u do free practice matches and we can use the chat to talk about mistakes that would benefit greatly

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    I would consider getting a coach. 

    I am a National Master with 10+ Years of Teaching Experience, available for private and group lessons. To learn more about my chess services and general chess news, see www.premierchess.com or www.facebook.com/premierchess.


    Email me at erabin66@gmail.com or call (917)776-1306 today to set up a free 30 minute consultation or ask any questions.

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    I can help you
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    I give 1 free lesson, private message me if your interested.

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    Chess Father Group offers home private CHESS lessons by professional chess masters. We send our coaches to students' home for an hour chess classes. One on One lessons are the most effective tool for rapid chess improvement. All instructors are certified. New York
    Phone: 9293300589
    E-mail: info@chessfather.com
    Best: Chess Father Group

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