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Restarting a course

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    Hi all,

    Is there anyway to restart a course where you finished a day earlier. I usually don't finish a course in a single setting and come back after some time. At that time the course restarts at the beginning and make me use "skip this problem" to reach to the desired problem. This is okay but when a course has 200 problems and you are done with 110 them, then going to 111th by using above method is a serious pain. Is there any solution to this problem? I use Macbook for Chess Mentor. Thanks. 

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    On your chess mentor homepage, you should be able to see all your recently completed lessons. Can you click on the most recent one and then skip to the next one?

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    I tried that in the past. Continuing with the above example you can restart with 111th problem with the method you suggested but then it takes you out of that specific course e.g Mating Patterns and the 112 th an onward problems are from Strategy or End game etc.
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    I think you must have Adaptive training on. In your chess mentor settings you can choose between adaptive and sequential. Sequential moves you on to the next lesson in the current course, and i think adaptive chooses a random lesson related to your rating (pretty useless in my opinion).

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    That worked!! Thanks for the help!!


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