Searching for a Chess Coach




I am looking for a chess coach to help me expand my knowledge of the game. I am more than willing to pay for the service, however I am a college student so I cannot afford many of the coaches found on the coaching tab of this website. I am NOT looking for free coaching!!


I am interested in weekly sessions.


Does not have to be a titled player, though must be knowledgeable enough to help me improve.

Must be affordable. ($15-20/hr)




At your service!



I do lessons for $20 an hour, and I do them on using the interactive analysis board, call me at 443-574-5426 or message me if you would like me too help you improve. I'm a strong chess player 1820 USCF and over 2000 at daily chess here on


I will send you a message as well.


It's going to be hard to get that great of a chess player for $15-20 hour. I'd like for free educational content daily.