Weak Color Complexes Explained

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    Ah, I've always felt that the concept of color complexes was something I never understood fully and was preventing me from reaching the next level.  This looks great, can't wait to give it a shot :)

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    Didn't realize how little I knew about how to exploit color weaknesses until I tried a few lessons.  This will probably be one of those courses that I'll do over and over again.

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    I've always heard or read about such them of "exploiting" the weak colors but haven't understood how the weakness is diagnosed until I saw your initial article...


    Now I'm thinking of going premium... Laughing

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    I'm a little late to adding my comment, but I thought that was one of the most helpful chess mentor courses I've gone through.  Suggestion?  A 3-6 part video series on the same topic by the same instructor.

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