What is Chess Mentor and why this new forum?

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    Chess Mentor is Chess.com's flagship online training system. You get in-depth detailed instruction by Grandmasters and top chess coaches who help you through every area of your game. You get a rating and detailed reporting on more than 100 aspects of your game.


    To see more go here => Chess Mentor


    The purpose of this forum is to provide a place to discuss courses and lessons, as well as answer questions about the service. Enjoy! 

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    I didn't realise that there was a time limit on Chess Mentor before i am asked for a subscription payment. I know very little, if anything comes free, but i didn't see it advertised anywhere that there was a time limit
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    there is not a time limit - there is only a demo of 10 example positions. where does it say time limit?
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    I clicked on Chess Mentor, then "Start lessons" and a message came up saying i had no credit left, below this was the "buy now" box showing costs and time length of the course.
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    Indeed, there must have been another system than 10 demo lessons just last week.I  think I must have tried 15-20 lessons before it stopped.
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    chess mentors for coaching people who cant play
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    Given as the problems range from 800's to  2200's (appx.), I do not think it is specifically geared toward players with little experience.
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    Yes, there are some lessons which are very complex examples that enlightened me as an 1800 USCF rated player.
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    chess mentors are good coach for 800 to 2000
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    chess mentor is a good tactical webpage!!!!LOL!!it is a strong website!

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    I find Chess Mentor extremely challenging and im in my 1750s. My success rate with the lessons as a whole is about 66% which is terrible I know but granted I just started playing about an hour ago so I havent really learned anything yet. And thats the exciting thing! Because I do have so much I can learn from Chess Mentor. If I can get to 1750+ with no losses "knock on wood" after 8 games. I might be able to get to Expert or better with 80-99% proficiency after a month. Looking forward to gaining rating points!
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    Is the Chess Mentor software (specifically, Chess Mentor 3 Delux) compatible with Vista 64?

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    Yeah I was wondering if this was the Chess Mentor 3 Deluxe that I have on my computer

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    chess mentor----  I woiuld join in a second if it were not for the time limt.

    It seems to me that if this is a mentor program and it is teaching or trying to .

    Therefor, it takes TIME to think and analyse,    If one is penalized for attempting to utilize the actual intent of this program.  It feels like the American Educational System.  This would be the best in the chess world if not for that one flaw.

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    I think it's the best program  !!!  congratulations and thanks.

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    erik wrote:
    there is not a time limit - there is only a demo of 10 example positions. where does it say time limit?

    I must have joined too soon.  I saw those 10 demo examples, but I never got to play them :(

    I hope I can because I'd like to get used to it a bit before I start whittling down my hours.

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    I agree about the time limit being a bad thing.  I wish they would sell individual lessons so you could take all the time you need on that one lesson.

    I also have a membership question:  Silver membership gives you 30min/mo, which if my math is correct comes to 6hr/yr.  Gold only gives you 3hr/yr.  Is this a typeo? 

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    Good point.

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    You're absolutely right.

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    Catalyst_Kh, thank you for spotting this. The final game notation was not reported correctly. I have now made adjustments to this final text of the lesson to be more accurate.

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