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    Looks like something Naka would play bullet with.  

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    This looks really cool, I'm gonna look into this!

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    IM Alex Wohl used to play 1..Na6 and 2..c6 at master level. He was called either a genius or a lunatic Laughing

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    Hmm, space, development, and can even sac a pawn back, white's the one having fun here right?  Other than f4 and h5 looking odd, since they're there, I'm looking at 10.f5 or just 10.Be3.  10...Nb4 had a threat, nice, I wonder if it's black's last threat for the next 15 moves Tongue Out

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    No offense Daniel I don't like this and won't play it, except for maybe in bullet :-)

    (But I'm probably not good enough to judge openings, not an expert yet :)

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    If it is so good, why don't YOU try it?

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