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A dangerous (and improvised) opening, with a good ending

  • #1

    Wow... this was a tough game. Enjoy :)

    I'm sure he missed a win in there somewhere, but idk. If it makes you feel better to point one out then by all means do so. :)
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    25 Qb6+ Kc8 and white is out of checks
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    eaglex wrote:
    25 Qb6+ Kc8 and white is out of checks

    very true

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    Black's 17th move is a very odd one. He's still clearly winning afterwards, but Qxa2 followed by Bxf3 or just Bxf3 straight away are glaringly obvious and much, much stronger!

    Ah well. Well done on the draw.

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    I agree that 17... Bg7 probably is a ?! at best. His idea was probably to simplify, as he underestimated my K-side chances.


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