Alekhine against 1.e4 and what against 1.d4


Bogo-Indian. Old Indian. Benoni.


also ... King's Indian, Benko, Blumenfeld, Nimzo-Indian, Queen's Indian, Classical Dutch, Modern.It  is not as if there is a shortage of systems to choose from.  The main thing is to actually prepare it, and to consider move orders and how your opponent will try to avoid your favourite lines. 

najdorf96 wrote:

Indeed. Technically, you guys are both correct; as a d4 player (25+ years) I face the Accepted more often than I did the Alekhine when I first started out with 1. e4 (5 years) in DKP games. On the other hand, these days the Alekhine is trending more often (Fabi!) than said QGA. Heh. And besides, with all due respect guys; obviously the OP deems them both as "unusual, but solid"? Which to my mind, they're solid, but definitely not unusual! If in his definition unusual =uncommon (or not commonplace) then he is wrong either way as how you both interpret it and you guys are right. Let's not quibble statistics or subjective opinions because all in all you've both contributed to enlightening the OP either way. Peace guys😉

Yeah, I meant uncommon. Maybe it's my opinion but the Alekhine and QGA both are not the obvious choices if you ask someone to recommend a defense against 1.e4 and 1.d4