An interesting line from the Grunfeld - can anyone tell me if Im winning?!


I have been playing so much chess online recently I decided to go to my local club and play a few games live. While I was there I played several games with one guy who always played the same oppening moves to my grunfeld defense when he played white, despite always failing quite horribly with his approach.

The line he took was:


SO being very happy with what happened in those games I have no worries. But the line I had intended to take if he had of instead played the move 7. dac5 was:



This is a much less clear situation. I am winning a little material (and my in game calculation was that I would be ahead) with the exchange for a pawn but now I've set the position up at home I see I am much less active and quite cramped. Am I winning or is he?????

Hoping someone more experienced than me could give me their ideas. And if this is not a good spot for black what line would YOU recomend after 7.dxc4?


Thanks guys.


tony, I don't understand why 4. ... Ng4. White can then just defend the c3 knight with 5. Be2 right? Or am I missing something?


Wow, I think when I looked at the position I still "see" the king on e1 because it's more normal. So 4. ... Ng4 5. Kc2 Nxf2 6. Rf1. I can't tell if black is better off in this line than in the 4. ... Ne4 line.




Interesting line  but I think you are right Loomis the Kc2 manouver leaves white ahead. His pawn structure is a little messed up but after he plays Bb2 breaking the pin you have to think he has more space and more dynamically placed pieces. His uncastled king doesnt look too relevant now the queens are off and he may even get something going on that half open f file. Which position is better for black - I think it may be the 4... ne4 line where I have the extra material. Still not sure though. Any comments/evaluation?????


Yeah looking at it again I think your right. When I first thought up the idea of playing it this way I was convinced I was miles better with the extra material, now looking at it I still don't think I'm much more than equal, but then again unless white gets something concrete together soon he is definitely suffering in the end right?


do u play defense or attack?-either way your pieces are recieving a lot of pressure, i would start actively using my rooks at an early stage seeing as u have castled and given your rooks a chance to defence your other active pieces