Are Colle System, Stonewall Attack, Torre Attack and London system similar ?


I'm just asking: is their common aim a quick kingside attack?

Correct me if i'm wrong:


a)  establishes  a b2 c3 d4 chain so the queenside can take care of itself

b) put the bishop on d3 so the two B aim at the 0-0

c) uses the e and f pawn to open the position

d) establishes N outposts on e5 and/or g5

e)the Rooks operate on the f file or can lift to the g and h file via f3, the Q usually lurks on g5 , h4 , h5 etc...

f) the g and h pawns pawnstorm the opponent 0-0 if necessary

Is a black kingside fianchetto a common antidote against these plans?



I've been using the Dutch Stonewall Defence for 17 years now, and here the theory books recommend that White should fianchetto their kingside bishop. In some way this looks counterintuitive because the bishop will attack the pawn chain b7+c6+d5 from the front. Normally this is not supposed to be an effective usage of a bishop, but nevertheless this is what the theory books recommend for White. So I guess with colors reversed, against Stonewall's Attack, Black is also supposed to fianchetto their kingside bishop, but I'm not using the Stonewall as White, so it's only a guess. Colle seems to be a passive version of the Stonewall, because the f-pawn is not advanced, hence the queen can't go to the kingside via e1 so quickly.

In both systems the opponent will typically try to somehow exploit the 'bad' bishop, but you can imagine that on an amateur level of play this is very hard to do, only masters can do this. That's why amongst us amateurs the Colle and the Stonewall give good practical chances for the players who use it, because they can be sure that the drawback of their position (bad bishop) won't be exploited by their opponent. As White I stay away from both because playing the same setup over and over would be boring and I prefer to become better in a wider variety of types of positions, hence I use 1.e4. When I started out playing chess I had no constant opening repertoire like today, and for the first 1-2 years I've tried out pretty much everything, including 1.f4 followed by a Stonewall with Extra-Tempo. Surprisingly my results were worse when I played the Stonewall as White than when I used it with Black, so I abandoned it in favor of 1.e4. I think the Colle could become boring for players who wanna enjoy the whole diversity of chess, too.

P.S. forgot to mention that for both Stonewall and Colle Attack Black can also simply copy your setup and then, thanks to the symmetry, I doubt that White can play for an advantage. As Black when I use the Dutch Stonewall a game can also sometimes be entitlesd as 'Colle vs. Stonewall' (When White chooses a setup with Bd3 + pawns on c3+d4+e3), so both systems can sometimes occur on a chess board at the same time. Of course also with colors reversed.


@Kullat_Nunu thanks for your contribution

Actually I was playing the Stonewall Bird too but I stopped because of the Fromm Gambit and you still can get the Stonewall by playing d4 so it's not a big deal.

BTW what are the reverse of these openings ?

Stonewall Attack --- Stonewall Dutch

Colle -- ?

Colle/Zukertort --?

Torre Attack -- ?

London System -- ?

Other question: are there other openings where this standard kingside attack could be executed?

 I was thinking about the Caro Kann ...









or the French ...