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Are there any gambits where you sack a piece?

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    I know of gambits where you sac a pawn, but not a piece or higher. 

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    Yes. The Halloween gambit is one.

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    yeah thats a good gambit

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    I wouldn't call it good.

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    queenmary1 wrote:

    I know of gambits where you sac a pawn, but not a piece or higher. 

    Yes, there are quite a few. Some are even more or less sound.

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    The Muzio and the Cochrane Gambit, for instance

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    most of the Zany Gambits in the KG


    Just a few



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    fried liver

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    the bishop sacrifice

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    The Muzio and those similar crazy ones in the Vienna with 2... Nc6 3. f4. MVL beat Naka in a nice bullet  miniature in last year with a similar sac-sac-mate on f3 and f7 (I think he also saced a third with Be5!! to finish for good measure).

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    In the fried liver attack, you sac your knight in the beginning in order to rip your opponent's king out into the center and threaten checkmate. If your opponent doesn't know the exact proper moves in response to this attack, it has a good chance of giving you an advantage.
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    Petroff Chocrane gambit, Halloween gambit, King's Gambit Muzio just to name a few with e4-e5.  There are piece sacs in the Najdorf.  Not to mention some of the sharp Semi Slav lines if i'm not mistaken.

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    No one mentioned Traxler 2Knights?

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    U sac a rook

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    U sac a rook

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    U sac a rook

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    one doubt queenmary, is for play blitz or online games?

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    The Traxler counter attack. u sac a bishop, BUT IT ALWAYS WINS!

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