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Best Chess Openings

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    I am a big fan of Caro Kann with black. For the d4 I tend to play old Indian or Pirc, sometimes the Semi-Slavic. Caro-Kann is really fun to play and in hte endgame the black pawn structure is better. I hate blocking my c8 bishop in openings so the Slavic defence is easier to play for me. With white I hate Ruy Lopez when black answers with Marshall attack - I prefer 3. c3 or Bc4 or d4. Black comes back many times strong in Sicilian so I started to experiment with Alapin defense in order to get black into unfamiliar field, but Keres attack is nice too. 

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    nah, h5 is the best opening


    i call it the.... Stupid opening!!!

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    it depends on your chess rating, i think.

    being more of a correspondence player than

    a sharp tactician, i've looked at many Gm books

    to make a study of the openings, and summarized

    the info, together with new findings, in an E-book:


    suitable for beginners up to 1700 or so i suspect,

    look at the preview to get an idea,

    paperback is coming later,


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    thx, there now also is a kindle version (which is cheaper):


    and i'm now in the process of finishing a first the paper version 


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    Scotch gambit, transposed from a centre game.

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    One cannot learn chess in a day, nor a week, nor a month, nor a year. Openings are not supposed to be memorized, they are to be learnt from experiences. One must study openings not to memorize it but to understand its strategy and tactics.

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    I think that in the case of the Scotch Defense, can't black just not take? Black can foresee that this will lose one of his main pawns, as the e-pawn is. Then Black will have to do f6 or d6. Then, when White takes, Black simply does fxe5 or dxe5. Then, White will lose one of his central pawns, but Black loses his f or d-pawn (but the d-pawn is center. I recommend using the f-pawn.) Black will have the upper hand.

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