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Best Openings

  • #1

    Please post the best opening and its counterplay.Thx!Smile

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    i would say scillian for attackers and french for deffenders for black for white i play e4 opening mainly the scotch 1...e5

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    The French being "for deffenders" (sic) is completely a stereotype. It's probably the, in general, second most agressive first move for Black against 1.e4 (although that's debatable, but you get the idea)

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    You should have more than one openings and more variations, so the opponents cannot guess, what kind of opening they will face.

    I remember Fischer used many openings and pretty good at them. He confused his opponents with the opening and variations.

    But I don't like gambits, king or queen gambits. That why I don't like 1. e4 as white and 1. d4, d5 as black.

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    FYI the QG isn't really a gambit, because White'll very close to always get his pawn right back if Black takes it.

  • #6

    The Caro-Kann Defense (1 e5 c6) is an opening for defenders

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    Again, nope, not really. Black is solid, but with natural plans to break with ...c5, and activate his pieces. Black can play for the win without too much risk. It's kind of ironic that one of the openings that could be classified as an "opening for defenders" is usually thought to be one of the most agressive! In the 6.Bg5 lines of the Sicilian Najdorf, often White'll start sacrificing material out of the opening, and Black will be attempting to survive the opening to convert his extra material. Of course, in other lines, Black does play agressively, and indeed the Najdorf is certainly one of Black's most ambitious answers to 1.e4, as setting yourself up to take pieces has to be considered ambitious, but Black will be defending in many lines.

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    You guys also seem to be confusing "solid, but with counterplay" and "defensive".

  • #9

    Pick an opening, play it for a year, pick another opening, play it for a year, rinse, wash and repeat. 

  • #10
    plegba wrote:

    Pick an opening, play it for a year, pick another opening, play it for a year, rinse, wash and repeat. 

    LOL The funny thing is, now that I think about it, I've actually done that over the past three years...Caro-Kann for one year, Sicilian for another (just over a) year, and now I'm on to 1...e5...let's see how long it lasts this time Tongue Out

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    You have a point Mainline_Novelty, if black go's for a ...c5 push, that can lead to aggressive game. Also, the Panov-Botvinnik attack can be very aggressive, so the Caro-Kann isn't necessarily defensive. Your saying "solid, but with counterplay" seems more accurate.

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    Thank you all for this.Please also give counterplay for it.

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    k0spe wrote:

    The Caro-Kann Defense (1 e5 c6) is an opening for defenders

    Isn't for defenders. Caro-Kann has a great counterplay. Minority atack, queen side atack, etc.

  • #14

    conejiuxYep, you're right. In fact, if you look just below my comment, me and Mainline_Novelty already had a conversation about that.

  • #15

    Ruy Lopez
    Queen Gambit

    Black 1.d4:

    Nimzo indian
    Queens gambit declined

    Black 1.e4

    1..e5 with black side of ruy lopez

    Theroetically these are best, one could argue for a few others such as the grunfeld, but I don't believe it to be as sound as the others mentioned.

  • #16

    vinpra attack.1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bc4


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