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Best program for aggressive, varied openings?

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    What's the best software to really give me an opening workout - repeatedly playing aggressive and varied lines within a subsystem (e.g. King's Gambit) that I specify? I need to practice getting to playable middlegames as Black. Rated 20xx.

    I've been on a Mac these past few years, and although the software can of course crush me tactically in the middlegame, I haven't found the openings sparring partner I need to prepare for OTB human play.

    Now that I've installed Parallels and Windows, I have access to much more software - but it's a new world to me. I realize this is a basic question - appreciate any pointers. Thanks.

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    What you are looking for may not exist. Let me explain a bit. I will assume that what you see are human-like opening moves that aren't ordinarily listed as main lines. Getting a program to deviate from a strong book until it has actually left book is tricky. Human opening moves in lines like the King's Gambit ... moves that don't lose outright by an immediate or near-term tactic will be hard for an engine to choose WHILE still in book. After leaving book, there are - I believe - some programs that you can force to randomly choose between several playable lines. Again, making the engine choose a human move that is bad will be might hard to do, without dumbing down the program in the main.

    Perhaps another poster can offer some specific program insights for us.

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    Yup, you understand exactly what I'm hoping to find - a program that can play varied attacking moves (within a specified system) that may not be theoretically "best," but are effective and common in human blitz play.

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    I may be asking a lot, but it seems much more relevant to our needs than improving a program from 3300 to 3400 - is that what chess programmers spend their day doing? (Those numbers don't even look like ratings!)


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