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    What is the best oppening for black, when you like early defending and attack slowly into the game. Just to make your oppornent feel they are in control for a few early moves.

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    Just repeat the moves which white makes, like a pawn for pawn, a knight for knight, etc and believe me it would be a wonderful game ;)

    PS: you have to play it to believe it ;)

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    That's one of the key ideas in the king's indian defense--fianchetto and castle kingside early while white expands to control the center, then fight for central control once king safety has been achieved.

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    Here's an example of a recent KID game that I feel fits your description.  The opening moves were standard, some positional moves but also defensive responses to white's queenside attack.  There came a point when I just decided to stop any defensive plan on the queenside and go for an attack. 
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    thnx guys, will try tht and see what happens. 

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    every opening black does this, some seem safer than others but this is just an false impression. All black openings goal are to first equalize then counter attack,... the idea of doing this slowly is just a mental trap that should be avoided and purged from your thought process. Play for a counter attack as soon as YOU THINK it is reasonable, bad or good it will train you to always look for opportunities instead of focus on theory and what is safe...  fear of losing is a major limiting factor for players but they miss opportunites to learn.... 

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