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Chess and Attractiveness

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    "(...) Our results suggest that male chess players choose significantly riskier strategies when playing against an attractive female opponent, even though this does not improve their performance. Women’s strategies are not affected by the attractiveness of the opponent."


    Discuss and feel free to add your own favourite academic papers related to chess (I know you have one).

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    I go pure attack against all players, so I can't really say...

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    I try to impress the ladies with my style.

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    Personally I find it pathetic to base your play on attractiveness of the opponent, even if subconsciously.

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    I always play as if I were playing an attractive female opponent.

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    When I'm with an attractive female I don't want to play chess.

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    I will grunge down, and tell you if men change their playing style around me. :P

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    There's a new German article about the study here http://www.zeit.de/wirtschaft/2011-02/oekonomie-schach-maenner-frauen  It's only a 10% increase in risky play so that's not too significant given the sample size.

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    Wow, I totally forgot about this thread until it was revived again.

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    I'm male. And my playing style doesn't change; whether I'm playing a normal looking guy like Michael Adams, someone sexy like Alexandra Kosteniuk, or a fat ugly blob like Eric Schiller. Chess is all about focus, just play your games the way you always have done.

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    I think that the study isn't accurate, since it doesn't take into account the possible homo- or a- sexuallity or the male chess player. I'm sure that within the sample there were cases were the percentage was much higher than 10%.

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    sinisterassiral wrote:

    I will grunge down, and tell you if men change their playing style around me. :P

    Any findings yet ?


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