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Chess openings for White according to Expertise87

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    Also, is your goal to make this a complete "white repertoire"then i think something against the center counter and against the pirc/modern complex should be next on the to-do list.

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    Roeczak wrote:

    Also, a 2100 (I believe it is ThrillerFan) says the tarrasch is "not a serious try for white" after c5? I have started to play for tarrasch and i follow your lines after nf6 and play an IQP position against c5. Can you show some specific lines?

    Yes well TF is very...opinionated...

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    Yeah, I accept that Black can equalize (or come close enough) in major openings and I play to positions where I feel I have good chances regardless of objective advantage (which is actually less than meaningless to me, if I think I have a slight advantage I will try unnecessarily hard to find ways to justify it while if I realize it's objectively equal I will find more original ideas and accept equality at the end of the line).

    I have a lot more stuff but I'm working on fleshing it out. Also I'm releasing it into my group Working toward Master, so if you're interested in more material send me an application!

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    also what to do in CK if Nf6?

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    Take the knight and develop, it's actually not a difficult line to play for White at all. I have a game I'll post but it's too late tonight.

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    in fact i didn't mean that, I meant in the Nh3 lines

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    but this game would be useful too

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    Expertise87 wrote:

    Now I will be looking briefly at 1.e4 e5 with a Scotch Gambit move-order. I also play the Scotch Game and will be covering that in a later series of posts.

    This post will look at early mistakes by Black, and some Nf6 lines.


    I am not impressed with the 11. Be3 interposition rather than 11. f4.  I have been playing the Scotch Gambit off and on for 5 years and think your analysis is pretty much in line with my own, but there are several lines club players seem to have a preference for where I can delay moving my Bishop, particularly 11 ... Ne6, which is a very straightforward game for White.

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    11.f4 Ne4 12.Be3 Bb6 and 12...Qb8 favor Black though...

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    11. f4 Ne4 12. c3!? is completely fine for white in my experience.

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    I like the KIA. it can be played with any black respones 1. e4 the 2 d3 3.Nd2 and then fianchetto on the Kingside. Bobby Fischer was a genius with this opening.

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    Hey Expertise87,

    What do you say about 10...g6 in the Caro line. It is -I believe- at most += for White.

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    It's practically losing, I'll post analysis later



    10...g6 11.Ng7+! (11.Ng3 is also +/-) 11...Kd7 (11...Kf8?? loses the Queen to either Knight capture on e6, while 11...Ke7 12.Qe2 wins instantly with threats of Nxe6) 12.Ngxe6 fxe6 13.Bxe6+ Kc7 14.Bh3 followed by Ne6+ and White is much better. If you're not comfortable with giving up a piece, 12.Nd3 with the idea of Nc5+ is also very strong.

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    ok thanks!

    well, usually i am not comfortable with giving up a piece, but if it leads to much better pos i am ok with it. I'll see what suits me by playing some blitz.

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