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Chessbase or Chess Assistant?

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    Which is a better database program... Chessbase 11 or Chess Assistant?


    Chessbase is much more expensive, but maybe Chess Assistant is just as effective for less money?


    What do you think?

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    This might not be an issue any more, and it might've just appeared to be an issue, but I saw where people were freaking out about problems installing CA.


    I'm on the fence about what to get, I've not loved SCID but so many people do love that program.  I'm considering a Hiarchs product which has their own chess explorer db type program packaged along with their engine.  It probably isn't as extensive as CA or CB, but it might do the trick, for a while anyway.

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    If you take a look at Scid vs pc , you will see that it is a free database program. I like it as well as Chessbase. But, you will shell out a little bit of money with Chessbase. I have a friend who uses CA, which is ok , too. But I personally like CB and Scid better. Hope you find the one you like :)

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    Can anyone explain to me what the main differences are between CA and CB?


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