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D4 OR E4!!!!!

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    usually ppl play exf4 nf3 than d5, but that works too

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    i play fischer's defense, and fianchetto my bishop to g7.

    its actuall;y easier to start an attack on white in that kind of position if he castles kingside,.

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    i reload my page an we are on page five instead of 4 O.o

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    most of the posts have "a few minutes ago" on them...

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    thats cause ppl have a lot to say about this topic.

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    DaBigOne wrote:

    usually ppl play exf4 nf3 than d5, but that works too

    Kaufman doesn't want to allow the possibility of exf4 Bc4, where after d5 white can chose Bxd5. After 2. f4 d5 exd5 exf4 Bc4 is possible but white has already captured on d5 with the pawn.

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    ok that makes sense.

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    Shawshank-Redeemer wrote:

    c4 sucks.

    It's good enough for Carlson.  Also, I find it odd that she would trade off her darksquared bishop even though she's weak on the dark squares.  I know when cramped it's better to trade pieces generally but I'm no GM so. 

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    KG, lol thats easy just play the falkbeer counter ganbit it will get white out of any lines they ussualy prepared.. thats what i play when i see the KG (d5)

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    Fishcer used KG even after publishing his article 'A Bust to the KG' . It's funny to know someone is refuting KG and saying his rating is significantly better than min. lol, 1800 really? I have lower rating but I'm not the one refuting openings, just plain stupidity. Also, it is funny that someone is saying his rating is significantly higher than mine, yet doesn't know that what Fishcer meant in his article that it leaves white to only equality that's why it is busted, not because it is bad opening. Not sure if trolling or just stupid, shame on your chess skills you got that rating yet you have hard time comprehending. Can't wait for IM pfren to see this thread, it is really getting very entertaining.

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    He didn't bust it the way your statement implies. He 'bust' it as being drawish.

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    Well I stand corrected.( My pride is killing me!)

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    Fischer didn't bust the KG, he wrote that article after losing terribly as black in a KG, and was always scoring better as white than with black in the KG. However, with careful play black can nearly equalize.

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    Using Fischer's analysis, I played his "bust" to the KG and got my ass handed to me in a postal game (about 1985/86).


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