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Defences to the Parham Attack

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    Please be relevant, helpful and nice!

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    The bottom line here is the Parham is a perfectly valid opening, that's fine to play.

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    Somehow I think I am going to side with not only the better player, but the more expierienced person, the engines, GM's, and my own gut feeling, and say this opening is a POS (for those who don't know that acronym google it.)

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    Not that kind of POS. I meant car slang

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    you guys are really ignorent. it means Piece of ****

  • #726

    I think he knew that...

  • #727

    I still think Black punishes whites folly after the queen goes back to f3 with qf6 then finishes development. in most OTB games I play against this opening I almost always come out on top with Black but IDK....

  • #728

    Ok I thought you were being serious. sorry. there was no evidence that it was sarcasm or another lower form of humor.

  • #729

    well considering you posted the wiki page of a rapper I was a little conserned.

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    Jet, I doubt you've figured out, but for slang there's this site called Urban Dictionary.

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    yeah just figured that out.

  • #732

    Not as ridiculous as ChristianSoldier teaching.

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    I tried to look up Jakario's FIDE rating on fide.com, but there is no listing for Omara, Jakario. Either he is using an alias on chess.com or he doesn't have a fide rating.

  • #734

    Jakario, all of your games are in the opening, which you are allowed to use databases in.

  • #735
    Samsch wrote:

    "Nope, Bernard Parham has a secret defense to his own attack with the black pieces. He doesn't publish it though because if everyone knew the Parham would be busted. He'll sell it for $1,250,000 though. It's a comprehensive 942 page refutation to the Parham attack. Of course, nobody will ever figure it out though -- no even computers because they don't understand the Matrix." -Sungolian


    Btw, Bobby Fischer figured out a sucessful defense too, but he's dead...

    So Bernard Parham is just as good as Bobby Fischer? That seems about right.

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    According to Samsch, Fischer is as good as Parham, I didn't say it, Samsch did.

  • #737

    no that was a humorous little bit why would you sell the refutation of an opening that no one is going to pay for because the opening is so bad it doesn't need refuting. and the system is so bad it fails once queens are traded. get a brain dude

  • #738

    Jetfighter, are you telling me to get a brain? I hope you are high right now, LOL.

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    yes I am telling you to get a brain because you take everything that people say in your favor as serious and everything against it as garbage. you need to get more than a brain, you need to get a reality check. listen to the song You Can't Always Get What You Want. that might help you realize that you are wrong and need to lighten up on comparing one of the greatest chess players ever Fischer and claiming the idiot Parham is on equal footing. Fischer could crush Parham as Black against the Parham Attack.

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    Or normal people who figured out the Parham is a perfectly fine opening to play.


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