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different repertoire for live vs. online

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    just like to thank those who took the time to right this thread Smile

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    Thank you for creating it!

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    IMpfren is quite correct, of course.  Pretty close to 100% of non-masters who "study openings" spend way too much time on them, to the detriment of their overall game, and then wonder why it is so hard to progress.

    But that isn't the question of the topic, really . . .


    I tend to play the same range of things in every form of chess, except that in OTB tournaments I don't play some of my more dubious lines very often (but still sometimes!). 

    I always use casual, blitz, online, and correspondence games to work on new stuff, or refresh myself on stuff I haven't played in a long time.  I find it the best way to figure out particular lines, by playing them in all settings.


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