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E4 or D4 as white

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    Which do you prefer?

    E4 for me.

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    I don't get these threads. Why is Nf3! so neglected.

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    1. e4!

    ¨¨Best by test¨ Bobby Fisher

    1. d4 scores slightly better

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    I looked at your games. Play 1.e4 and as black, play 1.e4 e5. As white, if you get that position, play 2.Nf3, and as Black, play 2...Nc6. 

    Develop your pieces toward the center of the board. Pawns are NOT pieces, you should only push them in the opening to control the center and to get your pieces out. But if you get the chance to play 1.e4 and 2.d4, do it! (1.d4 d6 2.e4!)

    Protect your king! 

    Study tactics, especially tactics against the uncastled king. You could win a bunch of your games if you learn how to attack the uncastled king. 

    After that, work on how to attack the castled king.

    Do NOT study openings except for how to get your pieces out. Your problem isn't just the openings, study tactics.


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