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Excellent Opening

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    which fischer? and which spassky?   ;)

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    I´d pay money to see the rest of your rutine, this is just pure comedy gold.

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    lol, funny and very very stupid!! COOL!!!!!!!!

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    Also bad was 2. Nf3? which black could respond 2... e5! 3. Nxe5 Be7!! 4. Qh5+ g6!!!(clearly deserving of three exclams) and 5. Nxg6?? would be responded by 5... h6!! leaving White's position hopeless.

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    shuttlechess92 wrote:

    which fischer? and which spassky?   ;)

    Haven't you heard of Pablo Fischer and Daniel Spassky Louisiana natives?

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    What are you talking about? Qh5 isn't checkmate! Black can always play Kxh5!! in which case white is forced to play Kd1 (if Bxe1 white looses his king) and black responds with with Qe3, preparing for checkmate. White passes and black plays Bj34#!!

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    Lol, the position ends with mate in 1.


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