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Favourite opening

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    Stone wall also known as the Dutch Defense.


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    I coached a high school team in the '90's and we only had trouble against teams with fairly good opening knowledge on top of good everything else.  So one day I said, "Check this out. Here's a perfectly sound opening grandmasters haven't played for 60 years and no one you play will know. It's called the Bishop's Opening: 1 e4 e5 2 Bc4.  Often, you can get in an early f4, castle Q-side, and storm the K-side with pawns: a built in plan!"

    We rode the Bishop's Opening to the county championship and took home the 3rd Place Team Trophy at the State tournament - 1 and 2 both had a couple Eastern European immigrants on their teams.

    A couple years later Kasparov played it in a title match and suddenly it was in favor again but we got a few good years of the Bishop's Opening.

    I still occasionally play it and play it's cousin the Vienna Game as well.

    White: Vienna Game/Bishop's Opening or c3 Sicilian or Advance Variations when 5th rank/6th rank pawn defenses pop up.

    Black: Caro-Kann vs 1 e4 and it's cousin the Slav vs 1 d4.


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    I absolutely adore English Opening with symmetrical variation: 1. c4 c5. Leads to very dynamic and, yet, highly positional games.


    Also, Slav, but with a twist. I fancy playing Slav as black, and I absolutely hate playing against Slav as white.

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    English opening Whales viaration
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    KIA as white and Silican Dragon against e4

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