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Franco Benoni is playable?

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    Is the franco benoni playable?

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    This is madness!

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    It's good for White.

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    Oh, wait, I actually play that opening!

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    Black more often plays ...g6 & ...Bg7, which makes the position superficially like a Benoni (it certainly doesn't resemble any French), but there are some significant differences. 

    First, White saves the tempo c2-c4 for development because this doesn't arise out of the typical move order for Benonis.  Secondly, as a result, there is not the usual Benoni counterplay with a Queenside majority and half-open e-file with a target on the White e-pawn.  The open e-file make it resemble a KID more, but still without c4.

    White gets a small but durable advantage, mainly based on space.  Black is somewhat cramped, so the last thing White wants to allow is a general exchange of major pieces on the e-file.  To this end, in the game presented, White should just develop with 11 Bf4 so he can play Nc4-e3 without shutting in the Bc1.  Also he will wish not to oppose Rooks on the e-file too soon, since exchanges will help the cramped opponent.


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