Fried Liver

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    my babee sistir anet likes thim fried liver n onions n i caint no wye. idoo say tho i like tha pan likker wita cupel 3 biskits. 

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    MervynS wrote:
    richie_and_oprah wrote:

    white is still better with best play in the fried liver but its not the forced win people were hoping for

    Way too much work for black only to end up in a slightly worse position, black should simply not play 3...Nf6

    3. ... nf6 gives black the best winning chances


    v. 4. Ng5 d5  5. ed na5! and black has absolute compensation for the pawn & lots of counter play with the main lines providinbg excellent chances to outplay an opponent as white's retarded development will keep them on the defensive for the foreseeable future

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