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gambit move for white in the Berlin/ Modern Steinitz defence to Ruy Lopez

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    I have been working hard exploring lines in the Ruy Lopez and found this move, actually in a correspondence game:


    Any ones analysis on the key positions is much welcomed as I intend to use this as my mainline and am only too happy to be proved wrong if the gambit is actually not as sound as I think. Otherwise I like to share so hope maybe others can use this idea too.

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    nice line, kind of funny finish with the trapped queen.

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    Black's early d6 AND Nf6 has produced an awful situation that you exploited pretty well. After 4. d4, the problem with d5, attacking the pinned Knight, probably forces Bd7, and saying to hell with the pawn structure.  Playing exd4 looks like a terrible blunder.

    8. ... dxe5 was no good too. Though waaaay behind in development and with White having open lines enough, opening up more is just asking for it.

    The importan thing is that you saw your opportunity and went for it.

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    i once had a game EXACTLY like this! back when i played e4. loooong time ago. about 9 months.

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    Yes your right DrSpud. I've been looking over it again and I'm sure blacks game is not at all that bad after either the simple 5... Bd7 or perhaps the more aggressive 5... Bg4. I'l have to learn both those lines and then I can close the 'book' on this branch of the Lopez.


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