goi.bin opening book


Hello, I'm going to present you the strongest opening book ever created for your machines: the goi.bin v.2. It works on asmFish and Komodo for PCs and Droidfish for mobile devices.

Here you can test its strength, asmFish has won with it a 301 games tournament against Brainfish with its Cerebellum_light, the once world champion between the chess softwares:



If you are interested in getting this book you can visit my website download page and make a free donation: http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/download.php


Hello there, the book has been updated to versuon 2.1, including only computer games from 2014 and grand masters rated at least 2500: the result is a lighter book (124 MB) with stronger variants, my intuition was correct.


Yesterday I've made a public challenge on Twitch again the latest Cerebellum_light, the once stronger opening book available, my book has won by 2 points. Here you can find the latest part of the games and all the games databases archives: http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/videos.php#twitch

Here you can get my opening book: http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/download.php#goi




There is a live now with a match between goi.bin v.2.1 and the new Hiarcs 14x, which their creators claimed as unbeatable... It's losing very bad against the goi book...




A "minimum free donation"? Really? Why don't you just call it what it is, a fee or price?


Because of the Paypal restrictions... if businnes will keep to be good I'll turn the button 'Donation' to 'Buy' (a Paypal upgrade is required, with a fixed price for month). I hope so, I would get rid of preparing the packages manually.


OK, I guess that makes sense, although if others don't know the reason, they'll probably think you're playing word games. Anyway, good luck with your book.


No no, I particulatly care to be honest with everyone, and my supporters know it. When I'll get enough founds I'll switch to automatize the process. Thanks for your interest.


Goi.bin has been updated just today to version 2.3, it gained 13 ELO points by the last one. It's most probably the strongest opening book on the market.


Link: goi.bin v.2.3


This most expected upcoming has finally arrived: the Goi.bin version 3 is now out.

This time it's a very leap of strength up, being +23 ELO points stronger than goi 2.3 and +51 ELO points stronger than the latest Medulla.
A reduction of entries in spite of a greater quality of game lines turned this new book into another very strong one, goi 3 has successfully passed every test in order to be published.

Supported engines: asmFish, Brainfish, Komodo, Droidfish, Houdini 6.02, Houdini 6.03, Sugar Pro and Raubfisch.

The opening book is 143 MB sized and it was built by compiling only high-end computer games with the most powerful engines, the datas were selected using Chessbase 14 and compiled by Polyglot 64-bit. Goi.bin 3 is suited to be a book for chess engines competitions, but you can also install it on Droidfish on your mobile device.


Link: http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/download.php


Hello again, the book has just switched to version 3.2. The further days a CTG version will be prepared, in the meanwhile there's the BIN format, for those using competition engines like asmFish or Brainfish and/or not having Chessbase softwares. On the free Arena interface you can load the book in the Engine settings. You can also add the book to the Droidfish app as default opening book if you use an Android device.


Benchmarks at http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/goiopeningbook/benchmarks/


Buy here http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/download.php#goi


The previous version has won the Sedat chess opening book championship, amongst the strongest opening book ever.


Goi 4 opening book


Welcome to this new product, the elite of the chess opening books, its strength is unmatched. Built using only Stockfish 9, asmFish and CFish on very powerful high-end servers. If you want the best you must get this book. Much more powerful than Chessbase PowerBook or Hiarcs 14y.

Latest version: 4.1. Supported format: CTG (Chessbase products), BIN (for engines competition) and ABK (Arena).


Openings and variants included in the book, sorted by the ECO index:


Tartakowers Flank Opening, Basman, Saragossa, Anderssen, Mieses Opening, French Attack, Grob's Attack, King's Indian Attack, Sleipner, Sokolsky Opening, Larsen Opening, Bird Opening, Queen's Fianchetto, Double Bird, King's Fianchetto, Sicilian-Bird, From's Gambit, Indo Bird, Dutch Attack, Leningrad Attack, Stonewall Attack, Grunfeld Indian Attack, Reti Opening, Accepted Reti, Benoni with White, Queen's Indian Attack, Reti-Slav, Unusual 3nd White, Mikenas - System, English, English Four Knights, Symmetrical English, Hedgehog, St. George/Basman, Owens Defence, Nimzowitsch, Scandinavian Defence, Modern Defence, Alekhine's Defence, Alekhine's Defence Chase Variation, Alekhine's Defence Modern Variation, Robatsch Modern Defence, Pirc Defence, Pirc Defence Czech Variation, Pirc Defence Fianchetto Variation, Pirc Defence Classical Variation, Pirc Defence Austrian Attack, Caro-Kann, Caro-Kann Exchange Variation, Caro-Kann Panov Variation, Caro-Kann Main Line, Caro-Kann Larsen-Bronstein, Caro-Kann Nimzowitsch, Caro-Kann Classical Variation, French Defense, French Defense Exchange Variation, French Defense Advance Variation, French Defense Tarrasch Variation, French Defense Classical Variation, French Defense Burn Variation, French Defense Classical Main Line, King's Gambit, King's Knight Games, The Petroff Defence, The Scotch Game, Three Knights Game, Spanish Four Knight Game, Giuoco Pianissimo, Closed Defence, The Classical Polerio Variation, Spanish (Ruy Lopez), Spanish Schliemann Variation, Spanish Classical Variation, Spanish Exchange Variation, Open Spanish, Closed Spanish, Spanish Main Line, Spanish Modern Chigorin Defence, Sicilian, Sicilian Grand Prix Attack, Sicilian Morra Gambit, Sicilian Alapin Variation, The Closed Sicilian, Sicilian Vinken Variation, Sicilian Spassky, Sicilian Classical Variation, Sicilian Rossolimo, Sicilian Accellerated Dragon, Sicilian Maroczy Bind, Sicilian Pelican Sveshnikov, Kan Variation, Taimanov, Dutch Defence, Dutch Defence Staunton Gambit, Dutch Defence Rubinstein, Dutch Defence Leningrad Variation, Moscow Variation, Sozin, Boleslavsky, Richter/Rauzer, The Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, Scheveningen, Keres Attack, Najdorf, Englung Gambit, Polish Defence, Nimzowitsch, French Indian, Tartakower System, Benoni, Blacmar-Diemer Gambit, Trompowsky Attack, Queen's Knight Opening, King's Knight's Openings, Queen's Bishop Openings, Torre System, Colle System, Queen's Gambit, The Slav, Queen's Gambit Accepted, Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch Defence, Ragozin Variation, Semi-Tarrasch, Semi-Slav, Orthodox Variation, Indian Opening, Indian Opening Trompowsky Attack, Dory Opening, Old Indian Knight Game, Indian Knight Game, Queen's Indian Knight Game, King's Indian Knight Game, Torre Attack, London System, Fianchetto Variation, Budapest Gambit, Old Indian, Modern Benoni, Blumenfeld Gambit, Bogo-Indian, Nimzo-Indian, Neo-Saemisch, Kasparov Variation, Three Knights Variation, Spielmann, Saemisch Variation, Leningrad Variation, Alekhime/Euwe/Botvinnik, Zurich Variation, Noa Variation, Pirc Variation, Rubinstein Variation, Taimanov Variation, Huebner Variation, Grunfeld Defence, Russian System Accellerated, Smyslov's System, Full Center Satup, Accellerated Averbakh, The Kramer System, Makagonov System, Panno Variation


Buy here: http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/download.php#goi


Benchmarks: http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/goiopeningbook/benchmarks/

goi 4 is an extremely strong book of openings, since I play with him I have not lost a single game, it includes an infinity of openings and variants and in all of them, it gains an advantage. If you are a computer chess lover you need this book, I assure you that you will not be disappointed, not in vain is the number one rating, excellent!

Goi 4.4 bin released.


After several thousands new lines from my server providers I was able to make a compilation worthing a new version.
Goi 4.4 features variants took from opening books built by Komodo 11.3.1 and Houdini 6.03 games and a major extension on winning lines on the other hand.

Built using asmFish, BrainFish, Stockfish 9 and CFish on very powerful high-end rented servers, Goi 4.4 contains 8331670 positions, from the very beginning until sometimes the ending of the game. In average you will reach 30-40 moves from the start (that is 60-80 plies).

Supported engines: Komodo, Houdini, Brainfish, CFish, asmFish, Raubfisch, Toltec, SugaR XPrO. It works also on Android with Droidfish.


First benchmarks:

Goi 4.4 BIN vs Vitamin kid n4g.7 (on asmfish 220518):

nullDownload here the games in multiple archives (PGN and Chessbase).


Goi 4.4 BIN vs Cerebellum light 180423 (on asmfish 220518):

nullDownload here the games in multiple archives (PGN and Chessbase).


June, 2 2018: the ctg version of Goi 4.4 has been released.





Goi 4.4 CTG (updated) vs Vitamin kid n4g.9b (on asmfish 030618):

nullDownload here the games in multiple archives (PGN and Chessbase).


Where to get it: http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/download.php#goi


Fritz 16 + PowerBook 2018 vs asmFish + goi.bin 3



With this combination, the free asmFish and my opening book goi 3, the program was stronger than Fritz 16 + Powerbook 2018 of more than 400 ELO points! (at the end of the video the games results are shown).


Interesting with my bad eyes, I thought it said "Goblin" ..when I first looked

(much better name)


I have to admit I've laught. I love irony even about myself. I've taken this name for my book since it's my family name.


Vitamin 9 has been definitively defeated by the Goi 4.4 BIN update. Or should I say... CRUSHED?...



Download here the games in multiple archives (PGN and Chessbase).




Goi 4.4 BIN (updated) vs Cerebellum light 180611 (on asmfish 090618):

goi4.4.binvsCerebellum180611.jpgDownload here the games in multiple archives (PGN and Chessbase).


goi 4.4 is very, very strong!!


The second update of the 4,4 version is a killer: it outmatched any other top book, such as Cerebellum, Medulla or Vitamin kid. The Goi book, with previous hence weaker versions, has already won against other engines opening book like Chessbase Powerbook 2018, Chessbase Strongbook 2018, Hiarcs 14x and 14y.


Goi 4.4 BIN (update 2) vs Medulla 310518 BIN (on asmfish 160618):

nullDownload here the games in multiple archives (PGN and Chessbase).


Goi 4.4 BIN (update 2) vs Vitamin kid n4g.9b (on asmfish 160618):

nullDownload here the games in multiple archives (PGN and Chessbase).


Goi 4.4 CTG (update 2) vs Medulla CTG 310518 Competition Edition (on asmfish 210618):

nullDownload here the games in multiple archives (PGN and Chessbase).


Goi 4.4 CTG (update 2) vs Vitamin kid n4g.9b (on asmfish 210618):

nullDownload here the games in multiple archives (PGN and Chessbase).


Goi opening book version 5:





This new release includes a new way to make the book: for the first time I didn't only make and select powerful games through very powerful servers, but I also use them in analysis to correct some wrong/weak line. The result is impressing, as you may see in the benchmark subsection.

I have to admit that wasn't an easy work both because of the strength of my opponents and for a strange instability of the engines in selecting moves in deep search: the most of the times I came back with the lines and they gave totally different moves, but after a while going forth and back I've always found the point in which the score was in my favour, so I was able to correct all the mistakes in the lines and I've even discovered that there were weak lines also in the Cerebellum book. Streethawk07 gave me the idea, sending back some wrong lines of the past versions. After having passed all the tests, Playchess 2500 ELO engines room score included, I've decided to release the book.

For the first time I've introduced Raubfisch both in the making process and in the deep analysis of the variants, seen its latest strong enhancement that places it at the first place as top strongest chess engine. I'd be glad to host it on my website so that anyone can enjoy for free this incredible chess engine (little note for the great authors Frank Karl Werner and Max Fehler).

The programs used to make Goi 5 are: asmFish, BrainFish, CFish, Raubfisch and Stockfish 9 on both very powerful high-end rented servers and my computer.

Usually the variants have 50-80 plies in depth (so 25-50 moves White + Black). With Goi 5 you can reach a very advanced state of the game with a great position, even if you don't have a machine with a powerful processor. It's lines go from the very beginning until sometimes the ending of the game.

- Goi 5 BIN contains 8.770.285 positions (size: 133 MB)

The BIN distribution can be used with the Chessbase softwares with the following engines: Komodo, Houdini, Brainfish, CFish, asmFish, Raubfisch, EmanToltec, SugaR XPrO. It can be used also in Arena with (I guess) the same engines. It works also on Android with Droidfish.


Goi 5 BIN vs Cerebellum_light_180728 (on Raubfisch X38d3a):



Goi 5 BIN vs Vitamin kid 10 (on Raubfisch X38d3a):



Goi 5 BIN vs Medulla_310518.bin (on Raubfisch X38d3a):