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goi.bin opening book

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    Hello, I'm going to present you the strongest opening book ever created for your machines: the goi.bin v.2. It works on asmFish and Komodo for PCs and Droidfish for mobile devices.

    Here you can test its strength, asmFish has won with it a 301 games tournament against Brainfish with its Cerebellum_light, the once world champion between the chess softwares:



    If you are interested in getting this book you can visit my website download page and make a free donation: http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/download.php

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    Hello there, the book has been updated to versuon 2.1, including only computer games from 2014 and grand masters rated at least 2500: the result is a lighter book (124 MB) with stronger variants, my intuition was correct.


    Yesterday I've made a public challenge on Twitch again the latest Cerebellum_light, the once stronger opening book available, my book has won by 2 points. Here you can find the latest part of the games and all the games databases archives: http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/videos.php#twitch

    Here you can get my opening book: http://chess.massimilianogoi.com/download.php#goi



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    There is a live now with a match between goi.bin v.2.1 and the new Hiarcs 14x, which their creators claimed as unbeatable... It's losing very bad against the goi book...



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    A "minimum free donation"? Really? Why don't you just call it what it is, a fee or price?

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    Because of the Paypal restrictions... if businnes will keep to be good I'll turn the button 'Donation' to 'Buy' (a Paypal upgrade is required, with a fixed price for month). I hope so, I would get rid of preparing the packages manually.

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    OK, I guess that makes sense, although if others don't know the reason, they'll probably think you're playing word games. Anyway, good luck with your book.

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    No no, I particulatly care to be honest with everyone, and my supporters know it. When I'll get enough founds I'll switch to automatize the process. Thanks for your interest.

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    Goi.bin has been updated just today to version 2.3, it gained 13 ELO points by the last one. It's most probably the strongest opening book on the market.


    Link: goi.bin v.2.3


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