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Good example of a well played Queen's Pawn Opening?

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    I love clicking through the games posted on this sight but most of them are e4. Does anyone have a good example or link to a good opening with the Queen's pawn?

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    Bill Wall's Trap

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    That's very popular
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    wow that was amazing
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    Based on some research (I'm no expert), the previous examples are variations of what's called 'The Queen's Gambit Accepted'.  Basically, the pawn played on 2. c4 is the gambit, I guess, hanging out there like bait.  Black can capture (accept) the pawn, or not capture (decline) the pawn.

    What you can do is use the chess computer here to try different variations of this.  Also, try playing black and resetting the game till the computer plays the queen's pawn opening, then see how you do.  This will help you see the best options for white.

    Here is an orthodox variation of queen's gambit declined:







    Overall, these 6 moves represent a decent sequence to rehearse for queen pawn openings.


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    that's good


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