Help On My Openings




I am not good at the opening and am looking for a mentor to help me out!



Sorry, Proteus, I know more about the mating habits of the impala than how to open. But I am trying to learn. Why don't you Google Chess Opening Theory, and follow the results. That's what I do. But then again, I'm not an expert on Impalas...
Laughingwell!..i can be your mentor!..hahaha
Having seen some of your games, I don't think you are that bad at openings. Of course there is so much talk about "good opening" by, for instance, controlling your centre, developing your pieces without wastage (wastage here meaning unnecessarily moving same piece twice, for example). But all this helps, but does not guarantee a win. I have often done that, but am still on the losing side (may be still learning). There is a saying that "...a good player can have a 'bad opening', but will still remain in control of the game". It might be true; it might not be. You may read more about openings in books and on the net.

Look at the whole board and think before you act and be in control of yourself at all times. Make questions in yopur head for the choices you would make.Wink

If you'd like a mentor, I'll gladly help out any questions you have.  I am high 1700s to low 1800s OTB, so I know a little bit.  Just message me if you'd like.
Thank you so much OneEFour,I am looking forward to your teachings!
Nottypawn,   Yes, a good player can have a bad opening and still remain in control of the Game!  Study the games of  Emanuel Lasker , the doyen of World Champions!  The Openings are really Not that important, unless you are an International Competitor to-day, playing in tournaments with fast time-control.
Singa,I think it depends with who you are facing! Facing the good player your opening are so important! I still support Nottypawn since I am now becoming better in chess after working out my opening,though still I have not master then yet!
     I'm always willing to help anyone. I have tons of resources on openings.

I am will coming your help Chesskia! Just tell me how we are going to go throw,should we start unrated game where you will explain your opening and review my opening too?

Thank you so much!!:)