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Hippo as white

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    I am hoping someone can help. I am looking for anything that has info on the hippo as white. I have found numerous items on the hippo defense, but cannot find anything on the hippo as white. I know there are various openings people call the hippo, but I am looking for information with pawns being at a3,b3,d3,e3,g3,and h3....the bishops at b2and g2, and the knights at d2 and e2. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it.

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    My info is that it's not very good.

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    I know that it is not the most advantageous opening, but I like to play quirky openings, and am looking if anyone knows a website or something that has some info

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    You may already be aware of what I'm about to type out on the keyboard, but just in case you aren't here goes.

    There's a couple of Hippo groups at this site. One indicates it formed back in 2009, I don't know if it's still active or not. Another indicates it formed in January of this year. 

    There are a couple of relatively recent books on the Hippo - one is Tiger's Modern (he has a chapter in the book just on the Hippo) and the other book is The Hippopotamus Rises. The chapter in the Tiger's Modern is more informative than The Hippopotamus Rises. 

    Concerning info specifically on playing the Hippo as white I'm not aware of any books or websites. However, it doesn't seem to me that the Hippo is tempo sensitive, it appears to mainly be a wait and react setup, no matter which side it's played from. 

    I was interested in playing the Hippo as both white and black. I wanted to avoid having to mess with the theory of other openings and learn to understand the Hippo better than others would. I figured even if I took my lumps from time to time it would work out more often if I developed my understanding well enough. I loved the idea of playing the HIppo from both sides. But eventually I gave up on the idea, it was too tough an effort for me. I don't know if it can be done without dropping a lot of rating points. 

    Instead, although I've been messing around with different defenses and openings, I intend to now begin playing nothing but the London ( 2 Bf4 version), 4...Qb6 Slav, and 3...Qd8 Scandinavian (except when an opponent forces me to play a different type setup). A relatively passive repertoire but solid, similiar setups, and low theory.  

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    Thanks, I saw that there was a couple of groups, but they are not active.  On a seperate note I have played the London System and I play the 2. Nf6 Scandinavian usually

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    i dont understand the appeal of the hippo, theres plenty of theoryless systems that are actually fun the play.

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    i wouldnt even want to play the hippo as black

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