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How fast can this thread reach 100 posts?

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    2 hours this has gone on, 14 more posts needed... come on guys!

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    lets go! post more!

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    it's funny how everyone's pretending to care about some opening line in this fourm, when all anyone is trying to to is get to #100

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    I've played both sides of that game luke.

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    I play Nf6 against d4

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    I hate d4. GO c4!

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    oh the greco attack is this

    Let me know if I missed something.

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    Semi-slav FTW against d4! 

    EDIT:  99!

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    and we reach post 100 Cool

    whoops too late Cry

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    never mind

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    we should make another thread.  We're on a roll!

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    Is it still going???????????

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    No, we reached 100 posts a while ago Anabella. Go to the 500 post thread from Luke the Master, that is where we are working now.

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    Luke_the_Master wrote:

    Has anyone played this game? 


    I have! No joke.

    It was in a fun kids tournament a couple of years ago, and I was black in the first round. My opponent obviously did not know what she was doing, and... ya know.

    1.f3 e5 2.g4 Qh4#

    I felt really bad for the little girl afterwards. Her first tournament game, and she loses in 2 moves. :(

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    Luke_the_Master wrote:

    Has anyone played this game? 


    that is known as the fools mate

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    Lels go all the way to 200 and so forth. 100 comments is not enough for a forrum topic we need more and more as we move through our career. Lets start off with what ever you like.

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