How to find the name of an opening by the moves


Some openings I play I know or can find easily the name.  Then I can find out about them.  Others I cannot find.  Is there a place that lists them by the moves so you can just look throught all the 1. e4e5 2 nf3 possiblilies and so on. 

 Another post told how to find the info if you know the ECO code, but my problem is I have only the moves.  How do I translate that into the ECO code and a name.

I have all the opening names and ECO codes on my chess page at under opening.

Thanks a lot.  I knew I wasn't the first person to think of that.  :)

You have a wonderful collection of information.  I appreciate the help.  Now I can see what hole I fell into a couple games ago.

hpchess I belive you are a member of the chess hustler club, in our forum "the hall of shame" we explain how to take your games to a website (link provided) enter the moves and get the name of the opening variation and ECO code, there are some other ways like getting the online ECO chessbase database etc or ECO, MCO books etc
Another good site is and then under "White's first move" click e4, on the next page select e5, then nf3 and there you go!
billwall - an amazing repository of information! Thanks for sharing.Smile

Believe it or not, another good reference is just a generic web search. Go to google or some other search engine, and enter the moves you want to know about IN QUOTES, ie "1. e4 e5 2. Nf3" and click "search". Not only will you find out the name and ECO code for the opening pretty quickly, you'll also find lots of complete games that begin with those moves, which you can study to get a feel for how to play that opening. You'll often find games that start with those moves, but one player or the other varied in a way you wouldn't expect. So you get a more realistic view of how the opening is actually played in the real world than just studying the "book" moves recommended by grandmasters.




"1. e4 e5 2. Nf3" and click "search".

 I do this very often myself. Smile

Excuse me .would you help me i am looking for database or something of this kind to watch my pgn.can u referret one?
horror, SCID is a good freeware database for storing and analyzing your games (aka pgn files). Chessbase is better but has a hefty pricetag.
Yeah, billwall is amazing!

Thanks for all the posts.  That really helps.  I went from thumbing through a book and maybe finding it to this vast land of opening information. 

Thanks to all of you.

You can use Billwall's incredible work! (oh man, when I saw that!!), or just ask Chessmaster... lol lol
a lot of good advices here. also search for "chess openings" on wikipedia, it gives a good overview!

A cool website that... er, is hard for me to explain right now. But check it out.


wowser!  certainly glad I was surfing.  what a lot of information!  Thanks billwall!