How to stop fried liver attack?


People play this against me, the fried liver attack. What move should i play?Sometimes I can't castle because i play other moves


Good question!

As black, simply castling is the best response. If the bishop and knight decide to trade themselves for a rook and a pawn, black has the advantage since two minor peices are generally superior to a rook and a pawn, especially in the opening. This becomes evident when you think about how many squares each can cover: a bishop and knight can cover far more than a rook and a pawn. After castling, white's knight is stranded too far forward, and very likely to move back several moves later.


5: Nc3 is an interesting move by white in your diagram. Most white players will play 5: O-O or 5: Nxf7 

5: Bxf7+ is uncomfortable for white because after the king moves he has a hanging bishop (attacked once defended once) guarded by an easily kicked defender.


I prefer to play this line... 

Only because in your variation, after Bc5, instead of Nc3, Nxf7 is much better and winning. 

Just do d4 if someone tries the fried liver arrack

The Fried Liver Attack has been refuted: