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Hurt or Heal: White Opening Moves

  • #661

    hurt e4 hurt e4

  • #662

    I stop for now. Anyone feel like counting? I have already counted a couple of times in this forum, so someone else should do it

  • #663

    Let's make it tazer's job when he comes online...

  • #664

    I think we were already stepping on dead bodies.

  • #665

    I bet he will enjoy all new comments. I remember going to sleep with d4 having 16 lives or something like that and dead when I woke up.

  • #666

    last update was 183 comments ago Tongue Out

  • #667

    I think e4 has been dead for 5 pages, we kind of went over the top. well..

    HEAL a3 HEAL a3

  • #668

    chessnutman, you can't double hurt or double heal the same move.  You can do 2 hurts on 2 different moves, 2 heals on 2 different moves, or hurt one heal one.

    Your double hurts only count for 1 hurt each on e4.

    As for myself (Just to make sure it's dead):

    HURT e4, HEAL Nc3

  • #669

    officially only double healing is not allowed while double hurting was never confirmed wheather or not it should be allowed. Although people seem to think double hurting was not either allowed since.

  • #670

    Oh, then I might have some editting to do, it doesnt say so in the opening post though.

    hurt e4 heal Nf3

  • #671

    You can't edit votes.

  • #672
    benjamin8 wrote:

    You will no longer be allowed to double-heal the same move. I can't update on my iPad so I will update later on my computer.


    Heal e4, hurt f3

    This was page 2 and OP hasn't updated the first post yet. Wouldn't surprise me if he never will.

  • #673

    I agree with Daws, don't edit votes. It was problematic enough when one member that posted got banned, so his posts disappeared (I noticed this while counting once that 2 posts had disappeared and of corse they wasn't included).

  • #674

    well, the rules seem a bit flawed. We will never find out what the best opening move is...

  • #675

    Allowing voting more than once a day was the biggest problem...

  • #676

    1 vote/day might have been better, but this way ensured activity more. If it was supposed to show what the best/most popular opening is it was a big failure. If it wanted activity and people to get addictive by it it was a big success.

  • #677

    The best opening move is the move that works best for the player playing White!

    For me, that's 1.d4, 1.Nc3, and 1.g3.  I can play the others, and sometimes do, but those 3 work for me, so I could care less about Fischer's moron comment about how e4 was best by test!


    Heal g3, Heal Nc3

  • #678

    Heal c4

    Hurt a3!

    Go vs a3, eliminate the opening that doesn't deserve to be there

  • #679

    I think a3 and c4 are both already dead.

    Heal g3, Heal Nc3

  • #680

    Since I last posted, there have been 210 new posts!?


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