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I have a question about the database!

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    In the chess opening database explorer thingy, do the numbers next to the possible moves mean how many people in this position played the move, or how many positions there are like that regardless of move order?

    It would be rather misleading if it meant the second.

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    It is the second, and it is misleading!

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    then what do the percentages apply to?

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    Also the games that reach that position.

    After 1.Nc3 d5, 2.e4 was played 927 times. After 1.e4 d5, 2.Nc3 was played 926 times (slight difference, cacheing I guess?). The percentages are also essentially the same, 34.4/27.6/38 vs 34.3/27.6/38.

    Those are the only two move orders to get to that position, but somehow the sum of moves from there equals more than 6000.

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    You can check this by entering the moves 1 e3 e6. The result will be very small. Now continue 2 e4 e5 and you have 1000's of games.

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    Well, I am not using this game explorer again!! I think http://www.365chess.com does it correctly, I will just use that now I think!

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    Chesstempo's database explorer gives you a choice between both modes.


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