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indian defenses doubt

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    As black after 1)d4 Nf6 2)c4 e6 if white plays 3)Nc3 I can play Bb4 and a nimzo-indian but if white plays 3)Nf3 what can I play? Can I transpose to the nimzo-indian? And which are all the other possible defence I can play?

    Thanks for the answers and sorry for my bad English:-)

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    you can play 3... Bb4  Bogo-indian defense and  3... b6 Queen´s indian defense for example

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    Ok thanks

    Are there others possibilities?

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    3..c5  heading for a Benoni defense or Blumenfeld counter gambit.

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    Or simply 3...d5.  Heading for a standard Queen's gambit declined.

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    ok really thanks!Laughing

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    Ultimately opening choice is largely a matter of taste, but 3 ...d5 is probably the simplest way, going into a line of the QGD where White has foregone several good options.  It's not as difficult to play for Black as some lines.

    Many Benoni players nowadays only play it after 3 Nf3 c5, when they have avoided the Taimanov and anything with an early f4.

    But most players who play the Nimzo also play the QID with 3 ...b6.  There are many ways to transpose back and forth if White plays an early Nc3, and the structures can be similar, so the openings are of a family.  The Bogo 3 ...Bb4+ is also related, but more rarely played as a main defense.

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    OK thanks:) I'll give a try to the bogo:)

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    you can play diferent read it and from keres defense you can traspose to nimzo-indian or bogo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keres_Defence

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    woh it seems interesting!Wink


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