Is the Danish gambit good at high elo?

I am a new chess player with 800-850 elo and I play the Danish gambit every second game with white. Is it worth it to study the theorys and is it a good opening to being played in bigger elos?

do you enjoy playing it? remember you can lose with any opening. And what most people don't want to admit is 95% of most losses have nothing to do with the opening. it happens later in the game. why worry about what higher elos are playing? you are not playing them now. do you understand the opening? that is more important than anything else. if you like it and you want to play it, learn it. Be happy, play chess, learn, have fun!


It has AWESOME stats 1600-2000 and even 2000+, black hasn't figured ANYTHING out to refute it! you'll find that even GMs respect the line. I'm looking to play the double danish & goering myself and see if I can improve my rating a bit as I have a slightly losing stat with kings gambit


At a high level everyone will just start declining with 3...d5 (most common move at 2500+ level on lichess)

I don't really know why white would want to play that position. White is not worse, but there are so many better ways to play after 1.e4 e5 that actually offer real attacking chances and can't just be neutralized on move 3.


It's acceptable at a low elo but it's almost unusable at 2000+

From 1300+ it's not a very good option anyway

Honestly, my recommendation is the Scotch Game. Simple, effective, and lasts up to 2000+


It's good if people accept it but most of the time they won't


yeah but then there's stockfish which is literally better than every single human on the planet

in fact we should all be playing the ruy lopez because stockfish says it's the best opening and stockfish is eternal

The 3. Qe7 lines are quite uncomfortable for white IMO



Danish should work till about 1600 effortlessly. Then I would suggest you move to the Italian complex.


It is fine for now - and a great opening to improve your general chess understanding. That's all that matters.

If you get problems (= e.g. some of your regular opponents gets good results with 3...d5) you can begin by adding 2...Qxd4 to your repertoire. That will work also at high elo.


you gambit haters need to STOP SPREADING LIES!

as you can see here... black is not winning in ANY danish gambit line at 2200-2500!!!

if black tries to decline the gambit, as suggested, 2...Nc6 is the second most popular reply, only the nimzo kennedy is even MORE brutal... AGAIN... these stats are 2200+!

there... that ought to put an end to all that lying!

there are REASONS Nakamura & Levy graded the danish as top tier "unstoppable", and Igor at chess academy (a GM!!!) calls the danish "god level move after god level move" it is the rolls royce of gambits, and I play king's gambit

ONLY when you filter for 2500+ does black start winning! this isn't an OPINION

goring gambit has better stats than scotch, and danish has SLIGHTLY better stats than that too!

stats aren't the same as YOUR FEELINGS!

you might FEEL like the danish isn't any good at the intermediate level, but these stats show white DESTROYING EVERY main line black throws at him from 1600-2000

"respectable" (read mind numbingly BORING!!!) openings WISH they had stats like that!