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is the Grunfeld for intermediates?

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    nah... the exchange variation will captivate every one

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    chessrva163 wrote:

    nah... the exchange variation will captivate every one

    yeh ....

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    BID == ? 

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    BID = Bogo Indian Defense. 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Bb4 . I find this defense ugly so never tried it. And I score about 65% against it. I prefer and recommend QID if 3. Nf3. The BID is rarely played by super GMs nowadays 

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    bong711 wrote:

    At patzer level, Gruenfeld scores. I tried KID, QID and NID with less satisfaction. the Gruenfeld gives me 60%. QG is too boring for me.


    You will never be a good chess player.  You can't let boring positions get in the way of your game!


    I've seen it all.  The super boring to the ultra chaotic and everywhere in between!  To just flat out rule out a complete opening complex because of boredom?  Explains why you are only 1700!

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    @thrillerfan I play chess to fight boredom. I don't mind playing QG as white. As black, boring. 

    Many experts and masters say Sicilian should not be played by nonexperts, Gruenfeld is too complex and so on. That's why I love Sicilians and Gruenfeld. If I wait till expert level, I might not play them at all. And miss all the fun.


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