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King's Gambit

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    Is the kings gambit a good opening?

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    How the King Gambit Opening is played

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    1. e4 e5 2. f4  ..... Otherwise konwn as the king's gambit is a very good opening if you want an agressive game.

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    I have recently been playing the Bishop's Gambit. 

    This is an easy position to understand, I believe.  White has strong attacking potential.  Please, don't read any articles downing the King's Gambit if you have never played it.  It is like saying Ice Cream is nasty if you have never tasted it - yet you have never tasted it, but you say it is bad because everyone else says it is bad.

    The King's Gambit has been played for centuries.  It is a lot of fun, and has many styles that follow...try it a few times, then read about a few ways to open the pieces, and then try it again.  I think you might like it!

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    I dont realy like it because it brakes your king side castle

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    i'm not sure

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    Gonnosuke wrote:
    legodood wrote:

    Is the kings gambit a good opening?

    If you love to attack and have a talent for it, the King's Gambit is a very good opening.  If you're the kind of player that panics when you're a pawn down, then the King's Gambit isn't a very good choice.

    yea I guess you are right

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    I've found that the KG is absolutely fantastic against Live Chess opponents, I play it all the time on 10|0 time control and I've had some serious knock-down-drag-out wins with it. I've also lost hilariously a few times, but it's definitely a good choice in Live if you play carefully. I stick to the King's Knight Gambit (1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Nf3) to prevent 3...Qh4+ which is harder to handle.

    legodood wrote:

    I dont realy like it because it brakes your king side castle

    That actually isn't true. Instead, it turns 0-0 into an attacking move since the f-file tends to open early and White tries to pressure f7. I know it may look like a dangerous idea to castle into that sort of position, but it's usually quite strong since it tends to immediately add an attacker to f7, the weak point.

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    Qh4+ is not anything to fear...after Kf1, you can simply play Nf3, and now you don't have to worry about the ...d5 lines (except for the Falkbeer, 2...d5, which isn't scary).

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    fa sho

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    I play it all the time & do pretty good with it, of course I don't play strong strong players, so i dont know how it would do against them. 

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    legodood wrote:

    Is the kings gambit a good opening?

    At lower levels as White it's a simple f7 hack & at higher levels it is employed because it often gives White a better pawn structure and a favourable endgame.

    It all depends how materialistic you are when deciding if you'll use it in your repertoire.  If you break into a cold sweat at going down a pawn by move 3 then clearly it isn't for you. 

    Like most gambit openings, it seems to play better OTB at lower/intermediate levels than in CC because online Black can simply play a number of very solid defences via a decent book and/or online database.

    I have a pristine copy of Gallagher's Winning with the King's Gambit sitting in front of me & that is well worth tracking down.

    It's the last decent book on the KNG and was published in 1994.

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    thanks for your help

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    Objectively, 2.f4 isn't the strongest move. However, it offers excellent practical chances, and can be used extremely effectively if your opponent doesn't know what (s)he is doing. You must also have the right temperment to play the KG - for isntance, you wouldn't see Korchnoi playing the white side (he'd love to be black), and you wouldn't think of it as a very Karpovian opening either - though I saw a correspondance game yesterday where he rocked the Muzio.

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    the kings gambit is awesome if you're looking for an attack, i've played it myself very sucessfully (my fav game is on my forums)

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    ilikeflags wrote:


    bump cuz i'm pretty proud of this game.  might be one of my better games here on chess.com

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    That was nice. I don't know the theory but 8...Bh3 looks really dangerous there. That's why I like 6...d5 better because 6...gh looks a little greedy.

    After the better 10...Bh3 you also had a cool move in 11.Nxh3+ Bxf1 12.Qxf1+ Nf6 13.e5 Nd7 with the same sort of thing.

    19...Kd7 looks scary but maybe worth a look with that nasty 20...Ng4 threat.

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    yeah he didn't play it correctly, that's why i was able to make it work.  it's pretty blassy on some level cuz if your opponent knows the counters you're kinda screwed.


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