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King's Gambit

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    Below Grandmaster level? Bobby Fischer played it with great sucess! 

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    For tactical potential, historical importance, and propensity to foment controversy, the King's Gambit is unsurpassed. Although much more popular in the past, especially the 19th century, it has never been totally, 'officially', unequivocally, theoretically and any other way, refuted. It still turns up every now and then in top-level play, just like the rare, but inevitable appearance of rainbows and royal flushes.

         Here's my draw against an IM playing the KG in a simultaneous a few months ago.  Any excuse to post one of my own games.......

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    Jeezis Melvin -- way to hang in there amidst the complications! That kind of thing is exactly why I avoid the KG! 

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    TasmanianTiger wrote:

    This post is open for discussion about the King's Gambit. In your opinion, is it a good opening?What makes it sound? What makes it unsound? From my experience it is my favorite opening and I love it, but again, this post is open for discussion . Please post your thoughts/comments about this post/King's Gambit.

    I think it looks weird but grandmasters play it and are great at it! Spassky beat Fischer using it! 

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    TasmanianTiger wrote:



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    Thanks for all these comments! This thread has not been posted in for at least 6 months...I think this is mainly due to the fact that it went off the "Most recent",and people did not bother looking for it.

     Anyway, please keep the comments coming, and the discussion coming! Let's revive this thread!

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    There's plenty of threads out there on the KG. Probably too many of them.

        Anyway, the Cunningham defense, 3...Be7 is a fantastic line, giving black plenty of attacking chances. Batgirl has a terrific article in her blog on the Bertin Gambit,

    Bertin Gambit: What Would You Give for an Attack? 

     a wild line that I just explored with a friend in a bunch of blitz games. Here's one of the funnier games:



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