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my new favourite opening

  • #1

    I reviewed my old favourite, and realised there were just too many flaws. So here's my new one!

  • #2

    Certainly looks playable.  If I were playing black, though, I would probably decline it with 3..d5

  • #3

    why is this your favorite opening again?? lol you have completely left your king exposed, its not too bad and you have a lot of your pieces developed but there are not pawns to protect your king. That is just my opinion

  • #4

    yeah i really dont know anyone who would go pawn hunting unless they were a beginner, i certainly wouldnt, i always believed that center control was vital to a game. but if it works for you then hey go for it.

  • #5

    well actually, this is the danish gambit, one of the top 3 most popular openings in the world with a 54.6% of white winning, 30.9% of black and a 14.5% draw percentage. And using it, i won a game in only 11 moves

  • #6

    great job!! for me though it looks kinda risky

  • #7

    Yeah its the danish gambit.

    And here is the declined version:

  • #8

    And plus, if you look at the position at the end of the accepted gambit, black only has one pawn moved out with absolutley NO pieces developed, while white has two bishops, the knights ready, and the queen in a prime position to lead or assist with the attack. And even further, if central control is that much of an issue, white can simply develop both his knights inwards towards the queen as soon as possible. And as for the king, judging by blacks position, the fact that it has no pawns covering it does not seem like it would be a major setback, for it is almost ready to castle kingside with the move of one knight


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