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Need HELP! vs the French

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    I've had alot of trouble in this line for white what are whites plans?What are your opinions on this line? Please Help Me!!

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              This is a good page with many plans for white in the French Defence.

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    Try the game explorer if you have to use it. I recommend Play the French by Watson, though, for real in-depth study. 

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    11.dc5 is the normal and positionally consistent white reaction: White is aiming at the endgame with a typical "bad" Black bishop.

    Do NOT use an engine to evaluate the position, unless you can let it go 30-ply. Poor machines simply do not understand why white has a slight, but persistent advantage here.

    But white has made a commitment with 10.0-0-0: 10.dxc5 followed by Bd3 is generally considered more consistent, positionally-wise.

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    Doesn't black have an attack on my king though?

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    blobby12 wrote:

    Doesn't black have an attack on my king though?

    Black can often get very nice initiatives in this line if white commits 0-0-0 and doesn't trade queens to head into the +/= ending. Take this game, for example:

    White will often trade queens with Qf2 ideas or redirect his Nc3 to e2 and then d4 to facilitate trades to simplify and gain a larger advantage over black's weak bishop.  White can also try to keep material on the board and complicate the game, but keep in mind that black gets initiatives in these positions and the game is double-edged.

    I'd also recommend looking up Tarrasch-Teichmann (1912), a very famous game that illustrates how hopeless black's position is if he heads directly to the endgame before creating counterplay.

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    How does white get a trade of queens with Qf2 if Nxc5 and if Nc3 remanuevers then black can play Ne4

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    any comments? please


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