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Nice trap in the Sicilian Dragon

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    Here a nice little trap in the Sicilian Dragon I played today against a strong opponent. I decided to present the game as a puzzle for you to solve. If you know any other traps in the Sicilian Dragon please let me know them!

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    I can't believe an FM didn't know the theory here, although so many Dragon players don't. I've played this line for White a few times. Actually 6...Bg7 is not a great blunder, although Black needs to play 7...Nh5 and know what he's doing. Also I can't believe 9...Kf8, unbelievable.

    Here's my favourite game I've played with this line:

    In the original thread where I posted this, IM pfren reckoned 12.Bb5 is even better for White, although he is still doing pretty well after 12.Bf4.


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