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Old openings

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    I sometimes remember when we were first learning chess

    before we knew any proper openings

    we would try to make up our own

    like this one:

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    And later you realise you are allowed to move your pieces!

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    but we still played that for the fun of it happy.png

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    You should set up a daily tournament with that starting position 😀

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    that would be pretty cool

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    Set up your position on an analysis board and copy the FEN string. Then Tournaments - create daily tournament - show advanced options - use custom FEN string - paste your FEN string in the box. In the menus you can choose how many total players, number of rounds, number of players in a group, number of days per move, rating range, all that stuff. Then wait for enough players to join, or invite players and when you have enough guys away you go.

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    Thanks now how do i invite people?


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    sorry not been a member for too long

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    Hm not sure. I think you have the option to make it open to anybody or invite only. I presume if you select invite only you will be able to select players to invite from there.

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    Good old days...
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    Strangemover wrote:

    And later you realise you are allowed to move your pieces!

    i nd friends
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    hitthepin wrote:

    Good old days...

    hitthepin wrote: Good old days... how do i get friends
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    want to play a game guys



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