opening repitore


I am looking to play as black against e4 the french.  What i need from anyone willing is good discritions of Rubenstien variation, advanced and exchange variation so i can force my opponment in to balanced middle gmae.  I am also wondering being used to the dutch what other openings i should play.  Can you help me Please?


I see you are trying to boil your repertoire down to Rubinstein, Advance and Exchange.  The Rubinstein V is bad for your chess.  It may seem like a good defensive choice but it gives you little chance to win.    You should work on other ways to face the Tarrasch V and Nc3.  

In the Advance V after 1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 3 e5 black should challenge the pawn chain with 3...c5.  Further challenges to the d4 square are ...Nc6 and ...Qb6.

The Exchange V is no worry.