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Openings and general strategy

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm relatively new to chess, and was quite satisfied with my learning and improvement until recently.  I am floating around the 1450 - 1500 range, and am becoming somewhat frustrated as I seem to have reached a point where I feel stuck in my development.  Particularly with finding a set of standard openings that I am comfortable with as well as overall strategy.

    Ive picked up several books, and try to study games played by the Masters, and play at least a game or two each day, but Im finding it difficult to actually "learn" to improve my game.

    Does anybody have any recommendations as to particular books for amateurs or a study regimen?

    Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Could you explain why you're not happy with your current set of openings ? What does "uncomfortable" refers to ?

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    Thanks for the list of openings - I have always found it difficult to establish

    a routine I feel comfortable with - This data will help.

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    this might help you...


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    You have completed 55 Online Chess games and 95 Blitz games. I would recommend staying away from the fast games for a while in order to promote deeper thought. Also, you have only recorded 0.4 hours on the Tactics Trainer. So perhaps look into purchasing a platinum membership, as $7/month gets you unlimited training. Oh, and something I'm trying to do now is to stop using the "Analyze" button in my Online games. My belief is that using it too frequently is decreasing my board vision.


    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks everyone for your comments. They are very helpful.  I will post a game of mine in the near future.  Would it be most helpful to post a game where I feel I played well, or perhaps poorly? 

    The most aggravating aspect of my play is when my opponent plays aggressively in the opening portion of the game.  When this happens, and I am in an unfamiliar position, I have  a tendancy to make bad moves and find myself trying to dig myself out of a hole.  I think I tend to play positionally, as I like to develop my pieces before I turn my focus on any sort of attack.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to openings that would suit this style of deliberate, defensive play?

    Thanks again for your comments!

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