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Paleface Attack: What should I do?

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    Hey there, I've been casually playing chess for a while-and have always enjoyed the game; especially the Kings Indian Defense, which has worked well for me.  As I begin to play in tournaments however, I have stumbled upon the Paleface attack.  I often find myself getting overwhelmed in the center by this center-seizing maneuver, and find my king side fortress under great pressure- do you guys have any suggestions of systems that have worked well for you in the past against this?


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    It might be better for you to think of a good move in any particular position rather than 'systems'. We all of course like systems that negate the need to think - alas if only it were that simple - but chess would lose its charm !


    Anyway, the move IMO that calls to be played is d5. If white plays e4 we can defend a Blackmar Diemer, so an antidote for black there might be called for. Black will then need to play defensively, but objectively is better - although patience is required. If instead of e4 after our d5, white can play Nc3 and we may start thinking of a c5 break at some point -thematic in d4/d5 setups...

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    Ditto to 2...d5. Look up the Gedult Opening (1. f3 e5), which is similar. After trading ...dxe4 fxe4 White will have a dangerous hole at his f2-square that Black's queen will constantly be eyeing for a potential ...Qh4+ attack. You'll probably want to get ...e6 in there soon, though, to hold the center against the pawn push d5.

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    Hey, thank you for the input guys!  I've played 2..d5 every time against the paleface since you answered, and it has been working out fantastic; Suuper appreciate it!

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    There's lotsa strengths to f3. Especially if u castle Q-side.

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    uh...well I'm a big fan of the saemish KID. But this f3 was played too early. At least he needs to play c4 first. If you don't play d5, he may get the saemish sort of position he wants. If you do play d5, he wont. So play d5.

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    Palmface attack would be a more appropriate name. tongue.pnggrin.png


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