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poisoned pawn (yeah, another thread on the Najdorf)

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    pfren wrote:

    Please don't repat all the time one couple of Greek words you were taught by your Albanian lover at Mykonos. It is not smart, really- quite the opposite.

     Ahahaha, you are so funny indeed. I think I hit the right place...However, as funny as you are, I strongly recommend that you  stop drinking that ouzo at daytime. It does no good to your mental abilities...!

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    where are you from... batican???

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    Nope. He is from Batikanovo, a small village near Plovdiv.

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    I think you cand avoid the Poisoned Pawn variation with playing 7.Qf3. The 8.a3 (8...Qxb2 and black lose the game) Nc6 9. Nb3 is a other form to mantain the pawn but isn't the best. And Finally if you give up the pawn, you can play the well know 8.Qd2 or the interesting 8.Qd3. 

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    Play an offbeat variation on move 23 is another solution... Black will definetly not know it if he is below GM level.


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