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Ponziani discussion without spam

  • #101
    Expertise87 wrote:

    I think I had looked up to about move 24 in that game when analyzing the position before even challenging you, so I knew how to defend Black's attack relatively well.

    Sorry, but I don`t believe you. These moves were not so forced.


    Expertise87 wrote:

    The difference is the position of the Black LSB on e6 allowing Re4 to be stronger than it is in the Marshall where it just leads to dull equality.

    Maybe. So 9...c6 (instead of 9...Be6) could be better, as I`ve mentioned already before our game was started.

  • #102

    Not forced, but certainly reasonable moves. I considered a lot of possibilities, and I had either a very similar position or that exact position set up on a board. Of course, there are a lot of similar positions. You didn't play any surprising moves in the first twenty-five.

  • #103

    I see you trying to pretend better than you actually are.  It was your mistake.

  • #104

    ponz111 is a boss

  • #105

    In the Dutch cup someone I known played the variation with Bc5 (based on the Analysis here) and beat an IM and the editor of the famous SOS series 


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